Adventure Band

  • Adventure band swatch 0001 land 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0002 sea 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0003 fire 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0004 air 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0000 space 64x64

Designed to serve as your all-in-one trek tool, the Adventure Band is the most versatile accessory to have up your sleeve (or on your head, or around your neck...)! Available in 5 different designs but ready to style in countless ways as a headband, a scarf, an armband, and more. 

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to support our Safe in School campaign with Your purchase will aid in education and the protection of children at risk of human trafficking.

  • One size fits most
  • Seamless sport-grade biflex microfiber
  • Approximately 19.5" long x 9.75" wide

Can't decide which one you love the most? Buy the complete set and save!

Bundle mobile

Adventure Band Set

Buy the bundle and save! With endless versatility, the Adventure Band is perfect for any journey. Buy the full set of all 5 designs to wear as a headband or scarf, protect your camera and more! With the Adventure Band Bundle, you’ll be prepared for wherever your journey takes you.

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“Adventure Bands are a symbol and reminder to live a meaningful life full of adventure, culture, and service. Our designs were very much inspired by the stunning prayer flags we saw in Nepal on a service expedition. We worked closely with natives to understand their symbolism, proper use, and how to respectfully represent the design and we're so excited to share them with the world.”
- Gee Family

About the Gee Family

Hello world! We're the Gee Family. We started our blog, The Bucket List Family in 2015 upon setting out on the greatest adventure of our lives. We felt like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness before we could set up our future life and home, thus we sold almost all of our possessions, packed what was left into two backpacks and jumped on a plane to travel the world.

Earlier this year we journeyed to Nepal on a service expedition, and we were so incredibly touched by the people we met that we created a fundraiser to help build a school. We raised over $50,000 and the school was funded, however, the need for help continues and so does our desire to help. We have become known for the head wraps we've worn and used in so many ways (the adventure traveler's perfect tool) and thus we thought it would be a fun project to design our own and sell them to help raise more money for our school in Nepal. For us, these Adventure Bands are a symbol and reminder to to live a meaningful life full of adventure, culture, and service.