Kids Adventure Band

  • Adventure band swatch 0001 land 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0002 sea 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0003 fire 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0004 air 64x64
  • Adventure band swatch 0000 space 64x64

The same amount of adventure, just in a smaller package! These are designed to serve as your all-in-one trek tool, and are now available in a smaller size that are a perfect fit for the mini-adventurers.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to support our Safe in School campaign with Your purchase will aid in education and the protection of children at risk of human trafficking.

Learn the story behind Adventure Bands

Adventure Bands ship FREE domestically! (Only $3 shipping to Canada and $5 for all other international shipping!)

What you'll get

  • One size fits most kids
  • Seamless sport-grade biflex microfiber
  • Approximately 9" wide x 16" length